4D2D Productions was founded by PIKE in 2010. With years of experience in nearly every facet of the audio world, 4D2D offers clients a well trained ear, and most importantly, focused attention on any project.

With audio book publisher Sounds True PIKE has over a decade of experience as an audio engineer.  As a result he has worked closely with internationally renowned authors, spiritual teachers, activists and even presidential candidates.  By providing live sound, recording, mixing and music, for instance, PIKE is able to bring clients visions to reality.

As an artist and music producer PIKE has collaborated with many talented and award winning artists all over the world.  In addition to touring, performing at festivals and opening for major label artists as a rapper, DJ and producer, PIKE has proven himself to be a major label talent behind the boards as well.  He is a versatile composer who can work in many different genres.  This has led to deals with several major music libraries and continued work for TV and Commercials.



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